Dirty Labs is pushing an outdated industry forward.

Most cleaners today use cleaning technologies that were developed almost 100 years ago. While laundry cleaning has evolved over time with some updates and improvements, deep-cleaning formulas still rely heavily on harmful, petroleum-based chemicals. 

Dirty Labs is different. By combining advanced enzymes and next-generation biobased ingredients, we created Phytolase®, a unique, enzyme-driven cleaning technology that delivers exceptional cleaning power without the toxic chemicals.


The Phytolase® difference.

Precision targeting.

Each enzyme class in Phytolase® is designed to target a specific type of stain. Once an enzyme finds its specific stain, it breaks that stain down into simpler component pieces that lift and rinse away.

Active stain processing.

After working on one stain, enzymes actively target new stains and continue breaking down more stains throughout the duration of the wash cycle.

Synergistic, full-spectrum coverage.

In addition to enzymes, Phytolase® utilizes plant and sugar-derived surfactants to unlock additional enzyme performance and break down grease and oils. Together, they bolster each other to provide exceptional, deep cleaning on a full spectrum of tough stains.


With traditional detergents, stains can often redeposit back onto clothing and fabrics during the wash cycle. Our enzymes break down stains into water-miscible component pieces, allowing stains to lift and rinse away with your wash water.

Cold water optimized.

Phytolase® is designed for efficient, deep cleaning in cold water. Washing in cold water helps extend the life and color of your clothes and fabrics. It's also better for the environment because it reduces the amount of energy used with each load of laundry.

Brighter colors.

Our biobased ingredients are gentler on clothing and have demonstrated better color stability and reduced color bleeding in fabrics. Phytolase® also removes dirt and microfibrils that make your clothes and fabrics look dull and less vibrant—meaning newer-looking clothes that can be worn for longer. 

Compare brand new, identical red socks soaked in cold water (58.5 degrees) for 4 hours in Dirty Labs Free & Clear grey water (left) vs. a popular free & clear detergent.

So how do we do it?
It’s what’s out and what’s in.

Two logos represent Dirty Labs’ EPA Safer Choice and USDA Certified Biobased certifications.

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