Introducing Dirty Labs Laundry Pods and Sheets Collection ✨

For Earth Month, our chemists have been busy in the lab creating new products with old technology. We asked ourselves, why sacrifice convenience when we can sacrifice our planet and drinking water instead?

April Fools!

ICYMI, laundry detergent pods and sheets are PLASTIC. Don't believe the eco claims and innovation stories of other purported "eco-friendly" brands.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), a water soluble plastic polymer, was first introduced in the cleaning industry in the 1980's. These thin plastic films dissolve into microplastics and enter into our local waterways, even making their way into our drinking water.

Today, approximately 30 million pounds of PVA film from laundry detergent pods and sheets are discharged into wastewater annually.

We get asked to make sheets and pods all the time, but for this reason and others, Dirty Labs will NEVER create products made of PVA resin.

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