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Murasaki Scent Oil is here! 🍵

Inspired by the early Spring green tea harvest in Japan, our Murasaki Scent boasts refreshing hints of jasmine, matcha, and vetiver.

Go ahead, get messy.

We'll clean up.

Our 2-in-1 Bio Enzyme Dishwasher Detergent plus Booster is designed to outperform and outclean conventional dishwasher detergents without the harsh chemicals.

"I’ve tried several natural detergents and this is the best one by FAR. My clothes feel very clean and smell great after just a few washes."

Lydia, green cleaning connoisseur

"Knocked out every type of stank I've thrown at it. Doggie diapers, roller derby gear, teenagers work shirts? All fresh and clean. It's seriously amazing."

Autumn, odor avenger

"My dishwasher has never cleaned my dishes very well. Since I started using this stuff the dishes always come out clean."

Mecah, satisfied appliance owner

“Cleans great even on toddler laundry (if you know, you know), smells expensive, and is better for the environment! It’s a win all-around!”

Nicole, super-mom

"If adulting means that I'd fall in love with a laundry detergent, well then, I'm apparently an adult now."

Brenna , certified adult

"Your Free & Clear detergent got cat piss out of my jeans. I could kiss you! "

Avery, devoted cat mom

"My partner and I absolutely adore this detergent! Every time we do laundry one of us inevitability launches into a full monologue on how good it smells. "

Harrison, not a paid actor

We’re big softies.

Traditional fabric softeners coat fabrics in a layer of fat to make your clothes look and feel softer. Our technology keeps fabrics refreshed and clean without additives that can harm your clothes. Your fabrics come out softer and cleaner—without ruining your favorite yoga pants or activewear.

A person in white socks stands on a small hill before a blue background.

A better way to brighten.

Optical brighteners in traditional detergents rely on color-changing molecules to make fabrics appear brighter or whiter. Our formulas remove dirt and pilling fibers that make colors look dull and less vibrant. They're effective but extra-gentle, so your fabrics stay brighter and newer-looking longer.

Killing odors softly.

Activewear "stank" is a tough nut to crack, but we figured it out. Our enzyme technology breaks down stains that odor-causing bacteria love to live on. We eliminate odors in ways your old laundry detergent doesn't... by getting rid of the source.


It seems silly to add water to a product to make it larger, heavier, and less potent when your washer adds water for you anyway. Our formula is hyper-concentrated and deep cleans a standard size load with less than 2 teaspoons of product.