The Science Behind Dirty Labs

Inspired by nature, perfected with science.

Most cleaners today still rely on petroleum-based cleaning and harsh synthetics for cleaning performance. While these chemicals are great for cleaning, they're not great for you or the environment.

Dirty Labs is different. By turning to nature, we're utilizing the latest innovations in green chemistry to create new cleaning platforms that are inspired by how nature cleans itself.

Phytolase® - our proprietary 5-in-1 enzyme-driven cleaning technology - was designed to deliver conventional levels of cleaning (and better) all while achieving unprecedented levels of ingredient safety and sustainability.

The Phytolase® difference.

Forget what you know about laundry detergent. Phytolase® is changing the game in how we clean our clothes.

Active stain fighting.

Phytolase® doesn't leave stain fighting to chance. Instead, our enzymes are designed to actively seek out and breakdown stains throughout the entire wash cycle.

Eliminates odors vs. Masking them.

As active stain fighters, our enzymes are better at getting into the complex weaves of technical fabrics where sweat, sebum, and other stains can get trapped and attract odor-causing bacteria. Phytolase® removes odors at their source, rather than simply masking them.

Softens without the fat.

Traditional fabric softeners coat your fabrics with a layer of fat to make your clothes feel softer. This coating can cause skin irritation and even ruin the fabric technologies in your activewear and technical apparel. Phytolase® softens clothes with a specialized enzyme that clips and cleans the tiny microfibrils that detach from fabrics to make your clothes smoother and softer.

Brightens without optical brighteners.

Optical brighteners in traditional detergents rely on color changing molecules that create the illusion of brighter, whiter clothes. Our biobased ingredients are gentler on clothing and have demonstrated better color stability and reduced color bleeding in fabrics. Phytolase® also removes dirt and microfibrils that make your clothes and fabrics look dull and less vibrant—meaning newer-looking clothes that can be worn for longer.

Ingredients matter. Compare 2 brand new, identical red socks soaked in cold water (58.5 degrees) and detergent for 4 hours. The left sock was soaked in Dirty Labs Bio Laundry Detergent and the sock on the right soaked in a popular traditional detergent. Even in cold water, the sock soaked in the traditional detergent caused color bleeding due to its ingredients - including a solvent commonly used in paint thinners.

So how do we do it?
It’s what’s out and what’s in.

Learn more about our certifications: EPA Safer Choice, USDA Certified Biobased, National Eczema Association, EWG Verified. EPA Safer Choice recognition does not constitute an endorsement. Read more.

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