Plastic-free and the road to a sustainable future.

Plastic-free and the road to a sustainable future.

Plastic pollution is evident everywhere, from the deepest ocean trench to the remote corners of the Arctic and even reaching our vast atmosphere.

We wrote this article to shed light on the staggering amount of plastic waste generated by traditional dish detergents, and provide simple solutions that will lead us to a more sustainable future. Why? Because at Dirty Labs, we are committed to our mission of creating the future of cleaning—and to us that future is clean.

One cargo ship's worth daily.

Predictions suggest that plastic entering waterways could reach 53 million metric tons per year by 2030, equivalent to one cargo ship's worth daily.

Plastics in dish detergents.

Traditional dish detergent brands generate an enormous volume of plastic containers and pods. Approximately 20 billion plastic laundry and dishwasher pods are produced annually.

“The concern is that the film is very similar to conventional plastics that we see on a regular basis with one major difference - PVA just happens to be water soluble.”

Charles Rolsky, a senior research scientist at the Shaw Institute in Maine compared PVA’s ability to dissolve to pouring salt into water. “The salt will disappear, but you can still very much taste the salt itself, even though you can’t see it.”

Reach the moon in just over two years.

Approximately 75% of the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) derived from these pods goes untreated, resulting in over eight thousand tons of PVA entering the environment each year - equivalent to 600 million plastic soda bottles worth of plastic waste. If stacked one on top of another, the waste accumulated from these bottles would reach the moon in just over two years.

But the problem is deeper than an ever-growing pile of plastic in our environment…

The pervading plastic problem.

It's clear, plastics adversely effect our environment. They pollute our water, endanger marine life, and pose health risks to animals and possibly humans. Plus, plastic exacerbates climate change and incurs a massive economic cost of around $2.5 trillion per year globally.

Embracing alternatives.

New cleaning innovations make a difference. Plastic waste from traditional dish detergents pose a significant environmental challenge, but at Dirty Labs it's our mission to build sustainable solutions to these types of problems.

One of the newest ways we’ve tackled plastic waste is by bringing to market our 2-in-1 Dishwasher Detergent + Booster.

Our formula utilizes Phytolase®, a proprietary enzyme-driven technology, combining advanced bioenzymes and biobased ingredients - all while being 100% plastic-free.

This powerful powder formula is environmentally benign and ensures on par (or better) cleaning efficacy compared to conventional dishwasher detergents, without the use of harmful chemicals or plastic pods.

So where does this leave us?

In an era where our planet grapples with a seemingly insurmountable plastic waste crisis, Dirty Labs is determined to forge a path towards a more sustainable future. Driven by our mission to create the future of cleaning, we've designed Phytolase® to revolutionize the way we clean and is our first step towards the fight against single-use plastic pods and the catastrophic plastic waste output. By embracing a new, innovative cleaning philosophy, we believe that together, we can protect our planet for future generations and foster a cleaner tomorrow. 🌱🌏