Front of Malin Landeaus Vintage shop
12/31/20 Dirty Collabs

Dirty Collabs: Malin Landaeus, Vintage Seller

A Swedish immigrant with a background in tailoring, fashion and organic textiles, Malin Landaeus opened her namesake vintage store in Brooklyn almost fifteen years ago. We talked to her about why she no longer buys anything new, what makes a good vintage shoe, and how the future of consumerism is in our own hands. 

Ask Dr. Pete: On Sensitive Skin and Over-Sanitization
12/31/20 Ask Dr. Pete

Ask Dr. Pete: On Sensitive Skin and Over-Sanitization

Dr. Pete is back with more helpful knowledge: everything you need to know about sanitizing, including but not limited to whether there is such a thing as too much; and answering questions you may have asked yourself recently, such as “do I have eczema or is it just winter?”
Washing Activewear: A Guide
12/31/20 Tips & Tricks

Washing Activewear: A Guide

Many of us make the mistake of washing and drying our athletic wear and technical apparel as we do everything else we wear. But activewear is not like the rest of your closet — technical apparel is often made from synthetic fabrics containing stretch or special properties and technologies like moisture-wicking and waterproofing, either integrated into their fabric fibers or applied as a coating. 

Get Some Rest: Take A Break From Screens

Get Some Rest: Take A Break From Screens

Research on the effects of screen time is ongoing and ever changing. In fact, the term "screen time" itself is already passé. There is plenty we don’t know. But patterns are emerging across everything from personal anecdotes — “if I look at my phone past 11 PM I can’t fall asleep” — to actual studies like this 2019 one from Harvard that explains how our digital devices affect things like sleep and creativity by depriving our brains of boredom and suppressing melatonin secretion.
Illustration of Dr. Pete He
12/03/20 Ask Dr. Pete

Ask Dr. Pete: On "Permastank" and Tips for Chronic Spillers

Dr. Pete is back: as a product inventor, innovator, and sustainability expert, he’s the brains behind our Bio Laundry Detergent and was a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium. This month he’s here to help, answering everyday questions for chronic spillers and how to get rid of “permastank,” plus why it happens in the first place. Read on for more. 
Dirty Collabs: Karl Jarvis, Conservation Biologist
12/03/20 Dirty Collabs

Dirty Collabs: Karl Jarvis, Conservation Biologist

A Utah native who has spent the past couple decades researching the effects of man-made roads on local wildlife, Karl Jarvis, PhD., is a conservation biologist and professor based in Southwestern Utah. Curious about his work, we talked to Karl about his research and some of his findings over the years, what he’s working on now, and the role he thinks we each have to play in conserving wildlife wherever we are. 

black and white image of large family

Good, Clean Family Planning

How to choose safe cleaning products for babies, infants & nursing (& more).
White dresses on wooden hangers in a sun-filled room.

Extending the Life of Fabrics & Garments (& Earth)

Easy, earth-friendly ways to make your clothes — and your paycheck — last longer

A butcher wearing a surgical mask slices cured meats.
11/30/20 Tips & Tricks

Normalizing the Face Mask

Ways to make wearing a non-medical face mask more practical, comfortable, and long-lasting for everyday life. 

Young Dirty Labs co-founder Dr. Pete studying from a book in an old black and white photograph.
08/18/20 Ask Dr. Pete

Meet Dr. Pete: An Interview with Our Chief Scientist

As a product inventor, innovator, and sustainability expert, he’s the brains behind our Bio Laundry Detergent and was a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium.  We spoke with Dr. Pete to...
Colorful clothespins hang from a line.

Upgrade Your Home Care Routine

5 simple ways to love the place you live even more Home is where the heart is. Home is also, depending whom you ask, where a lot of other things happen—where the cat rips up the sofa, where the lau...
A close up of a person with red nail polish holding cherry tomatoes in front of their white clothing.
06/26/20 Tips & Tricks

How Your Stain Removal Tricks Really Work

Everybody Spills: How to clean it up with science Picture a crisp, white button up, freshly steamed. Think about new sheets. Envision your clean carpet. Now think about an overflowing coffee mug. A...
Bright blue socks rest below a wire hanger on a white background.

The Importance of a Non-Toxic [Product] Relationship

We made a laundry detergent that’s safe for you and the planet. 1,4-Dioxane is one thing we left out: here’s why. You’re probably not going to find 1,4-Dioxane on a label, but that doesn’t mean it...