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Good Clean Family Planning: A Clean Ingredient Guide for Families

How to choose safe cleaning products for babies, infants & while nursing (& more).
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Extending the Life of Garments, Fabrics (& Earth)

Easy, earth-friendly ways to make your clothes — and your paycheck — last longer

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08/18/20 Ask Dr. Pete

Meet Dr. Pete: An Interview with Our Chief Scientist

As a product inventor, innovator, and sustainability expert, he’s the brains behind our Bio Laundry Detergent and was a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium. We spoke with Dr. Pete to...
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How to Create Positive Vibes At Home: 5 Ways

5 simple ways to love the place you live even moreHome is where the heart is. Home is also, depending whom you ask, where a lot of other things happen—where the cat rips up the sofa, where the lau...
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How Your Stain Removal Tricks Really Work

Everybody Spills. Learn how to clean it up with science using dirty Lab's cleaning tips and tricks. Click to read more.
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Benefits of a 1,4-dioxane Free Laundry Detergent

We made a laundry detergent that’s safe for you and the planet. 1,4-Dioxane is one thing we left out: here’s why.You’re probably not going to find 1,4-Dioxane on a label, but that doesn’t mean it...