How to Create Positive Vibes At Home: 5 Ways

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5 simple ways to love the place you live even more

Home is where the heart is. Home is also, depending whom you ask, where a lot of other things happen—where the cat rips up the sofa, where the laundry piles up more every day, where kids wipe peanut butter all over the walls, where the sticky spot on the floor never seems to go away (no matter how many times you clean it).

Still, home is home, and it should feel like yours. If you’re anything like us, over the last few months you’ve been brainstorming ways to brighten up the rooms in your house. But this can be daunting—a quick Google search on “how to upgrade your apartment” offers lots of expensive and impractical ways to do so. We believe homecare is a form of selfcare. So we came up with ways you can love the place you live even more, without spending much (or any) money at all. Try …


1. Aromatherapy

Scent can do a lot for your space. Candles brighten and cozy things up, incense relaxes, diffusers calm. If you have enough light, potted fresh herbs smell amazing, too. Candles can get pricey, but Maison Louis Marie makes sulfate-free, paraben-free candles that smell amazing (within budget).

2. Reorganizing

Clean house! Reorganization can suddenly make a crowded space feel bigger, cleaner, and brighter. Places like Hay make stackable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing containers to help appease the clutter. These storage solutions make a big difference in the way rooms like your kitchen and bathroom feel.

3. Doubling your number of indoor plants

Whether you have kids or pets or something in between, taking care of a living thing is good for your mental health (and for your kids—let them help you water!). Not to mention your physical health: plants like English Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, and Peace Lilly have been found to help remove pollutants from your home.

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4. Listening to music when you cook or clean

Make an event of it. We like playlists we can sing and dance to when we’re cooking. Particularly those that include Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse, ‘60s Italian Disco or that Diplo song you won’t admit that you like.

5. Mood lighting

Make it sexy. Or just easier on the eyes… whatever you’re into. LIFX makes LED lights where you can control the color via an app on your phone. Changing the hue can transform a space to make it feel calmer or warmer, adding a whole new dimension to your kitchen dance party.

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