Clean Ingredients

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If it’s harmful to you or to the planet, we leave it out.

Our ingredients are extracted directly from nature or synthesized with natural materials under mild conditions—resulting in final ingredients and byproducts that are readily biodegradable and environmentally benign.

We have achieved unprecedented standards of performance, safety, and sustainability in laundry and home cleaning. Our products are free of known carcinogens, toxins, and pollutants. And we've gone above and beyond industry safety requirements to eliminate all CA Prop 65 chemicals of concern and EU listed fragrance allergens.

How clean is it?

We work hard to keep our products clean. And we don’t stop with trying. We put them to the test. So we experimented with our detergent—not on clothes—on cat grass. The results are shocking, and we’re proud of the difference:

Grass grown with Dirty Labs detergent grows considerably taller than grass grown with a popular conventional detergent.

We don’t do laundry in a vacuum. It’s not just about what gets on your clothes and skin, but what goes down the drain. That’s why it’s so important that our formulas be biobased, biodegradable, and environmentally benign.

Our biobased ingredients.

Proteases enzyme blend (Plant-based soil and stain remover)
Proteases break down protein-based stains into peptides and amino acids. They are created through biosynthesis, a fermentation process that mixes specially selected microorganisms in a closed vessel containing a rich broth of nutrients and oxygen. This process requires mild conditions and generates no toxic waste. 100% biobased, biodegradable, and biorenewable.

Proteases break down protein-based stains into peptides and amino acids.

Two logos represent Dirty Labs’ EPA Safer Choice and USDA Certified Biobased certifications.

What we left out.

The truth is that many detergents and cleaners still rely on harsh chemicals for cleaning efficacy. Those products contain potential carcinogens, toxins, and irritants, and have been found to pollute our drinking water supply and soils. In addition, the process to manufacture these chemicals produces millions of tons of greenhouse gases and toxic byproducts each year.
It’s hard to know the difference between a product that’s really safe and sustainable, versus the ones that simply say they are. We want you to be informed when making important decisions for you and your family, so we created a list of common laundry detergent ingredients that we left out of our formulas and why.

A table lists the harmful ingredients in conventional laundry detergents that are not found in Dirty Labs Bio Laundry Detergent.

Extra credit.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into the world of laundry detergent ingredients? For you overachievers out there, here’s some additional information, including ingredient names and their aliases so you can look for them on your labels.
Chlorine-based Bleaches
Also known as
Chlorine hypochlorite, Calcium hypochlorite, and Hypochlorous acid.

What they are
Bleaching, deodorizing and whitening agents that make clothes appear whiter and may have disinfectant properties.

Reported safety concerns
Serious skin and eye irritants, and can be fatal if ingested. Can weaken or even break down fabric fibers quickly when applied at wrong dosage, exposure time or fabric materials. Can cause aquatic ecosystem disruption by creating toxic chlorinated organic compounds during wash or after wash.