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Traci (Pittsburgh, PA)
Love These Products!

I absolutely adore the scent free detergent and the laundry booster. These clean our clothes better than any other environmentally focused products we have tried. A few changes would bump my rating up to 5 stars. First, the detergent always drips down the bottle making a sticky mess. I am going to try transferring the detergent to a refillable pump dispenser. Likewise, the laundry booster is a real pain to open when it arrives and powder flies everywhere. Occasionally, the booster container arrives with the powder in a rock-hard solid mass. A more flexible subscription service would also be great. We really need a six week renewal. Despite these issues, we still love the products!

Redone003 (Hibbing, MN)
Clean and fresh laundry

Laundry pods are a thing of the past for me! Love Dirty Laundry's liquid detergent. Just as easy as the pods and smells so much better.

Hyesun P. (Camillus, NY)

Dirty lab knows what booster means🤩it took all of my old stains from my sheets!

Signature Scent

I have to say this scent is nauseating and almost smells like mildew. My husband and I can’t stand this scent. I also have the fragrance free and feel like it leaves behind a film on clothing. I am very sensitive and particular when it come to detergent and was praying this would be the answer. The bottle also drips down the sides and is a sticky mess, no matter how carefully you pour it.

linda m. (Haddon Heights, NJ)
Magnolia. Bergamot. Cedar.

Good stuff, but the scent needs to be a little stronger, once the clothes come out of dryer, there's no scent anymore

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Jessica B. (Chicago, IL)
Best Detergent on the Market!

AMAZING product for many reasons:
1) Performance — it cleans! Gets out stains and odors like a champ.
2) Chemical free — safe for sensitive skin and free of dyes, sulfates and parabens.
3) Value — the product is 75 loads and outlasts grocery store brands by weeks!
4) Shipped to home — for us city dwellers, not having to lug the grocery store brand bulky detergent around is amazing. Ships to home — no hassle.

Mimi A. (The Bronx, NY)
Free & Clear

My new favorite laundry detergent and EWG verified which puts me at ease especially when washing my sons laundry.

Tobi E. (Narberth, PA)
Dirty Labs laundry

Have been trying several detergents free of the harmful stuff for our sensative skin son. This one has been the best so far! Great on stains and getting clothes clean while still using a small amount if detergent. And the packaging is great to help the environment!

Baek64 (Kansas City, MO)
Feel good product

I feel good using this laundry detergent. Love the packaging too!

Stephanie D. (The Bronx, NY)
Not impressed with baby clothes

I was pretty excited to use this laundry detergent on my babies clothes, but it didnt do a good job at removing stains.

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Morgan W. (El Prado, NM)
Refreshing change

I was very hopeful for this product after reading the reviews and am happy to report that it is wonderful! My main test was washing our kitchen washcloths that seem to continue having an off odor with other detergents, but just one wash and they were fresh and like new. Happy to have discovered Dirty Labs!

ReneeB (Syracuse, NE)
Really helps!

Only used it once so far, but got clothes really clean!

Leslie F. (Concord, MA)
The best

I am so pleased with Dirty Labs detergent and laundry booster. It does a great job getting my clothes clean. The scent is a huge plus for me: smells great but not overpowering. I think the laundry booster does a better job at getting my whites bright white than the big name brand I used to use.
The eco-friendly benefits of Dirty Lab products are just an added bonus to what I find to be my, now, favorite and best performing laundry detergent.

Sharon P. (Rockford, IL)
Great laundry cleaner

I wasn't sure whether to give 4 or 5 stars only because I recently got the booster. It's a little tedious for me to use because my washer won't start filling with water until the lid is closed and is ready to start. So I can't just put the booster in the tub because it would be touching the clothes. I dilute the booster--doesn't dissolve really well--pour it into the tub, then cover that with a towel so none of the undissolved booster gets on the clothes. Then I can put in my clothes. That being said, stains come out, the clothes are clean, and I love that I don't have to use fabric softener!!

Lilian T. (Scotts Valley, CA)

Great product! I recommend if you like tough laundry clean!