How to remove common stains from kids' clothes.

How to remove common stains from kids' clothes.

Dirty clothes take on a different meaning when you become a parent. A soiled pair of jeans is a small cry from a chocolate ice cream and spaghetti sauce smothered t-shirt worn by your toddler. But there’s good news. We asked our chemists for their tips to removing some of the most common (and toughest) kid stains.

Grass Stains

An abundance of grass and the resulting prevalence of stains leads one to believe it is just part of life. A grass stain is not a real tragedy, but when you spend money on clothes and uniforms that come out of the wash with a grass stain still clinging on, it can be a total summer bummer.

The main components of grass are water, protein, lignin, and cellulose. Phytolase®, our proprietary 5-in-1 enzyme technology, contains two specialized enzymes - proteases and cellulase - that are designed to help tackle stains caused by grass.


Everybody loves chocolate…….until it ends up on your child's new shirt.

Chocolate candy is made from a combination of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. Cocoa butter is essentially just plant-based oil, but cocoa powder is a little trickier in terms of staining — it contains minerals with heavy metals like calcium, copper, zinc and magnesium, in addition to flavonoids (plant pigments) and caffeine. Neither flavonoids nor caffeine are stable at higher temperatures and they both tend to oxidize when exposed to air.


Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Let’s face it when you have kids accidents are a part of everyday life — a scraped knee, a tumble off the jungle gym, or simply learning to walk.

Blood stains are notorious for their steadfastness in staying in fabric and other things after washing. According to our Chief Scientist Dr. Pete, this is because red blood cells will clot when exposed to oxygen in the open air, and the clotted red blood cells tend to penetrate and solidify into deep layers of fabrics—making tough, dark stains.

"Biological stains" & cloth diapers

Ditching disposable diapers is definitely an achievement worth recognizing. So we asked our chemists for a few tips and tricks on how to keep cloth diapers clean to make the switch a little easier.