I have been trying every clean brand out there and either they had a plastic like gel pack around them or they simply didn't clean well. This is a powder that is very powerful!

- Beth

"This dish washing detergent has changed the game!!! I’ve used it multiple times 'testing' it with super dirty, large loads. It has surprised me every time!"


"Works even better than my traditional dishwasher pods which I thought was impossible. Everything comes out clean and sparkly no weird film or spots!!!

- Brittany

"This is hands down, the best dishwasher detergent ever! My dishes have never been so clean! I'm not even using rinse aid anymore. I'm hooked!"

- Jenn

"I was contemplating a new dishwasher because our dishes were never completely clean after a wash with pods or powdered detergent. Once we started using this they come out clean!"

- Erin

"Amazing product! This works so much better than another brand I tried. Works well on quick wash cycle, which is what I use a lot."

- Joyce

Uncompromising performance.

Phytolase®, our proprietary enzyme-driven cleaning technology was designed to deliver conventional levels of cleaning (and better) - all while achieving unprecedented levels of ingredient safety and sustainability.

In a 3rd party lab test, our dishwasher detergent was tested against the leading conventional brands. We're proud to share the results.
(Higher percentage = cleaner dishes)

The Dirty Labs difference.

Sustainability, safety, or performance? Why not have it all.

By using cutting-edge green chemistry and the most advanced biobased ingredients, we're here to make traditional, petrochemical cleaning obsolete.